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June 28, 2011

Janelle Wagnild

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Janelle has recently finished investigating the mobility strategies of people when they are traveling in groups rather than traveling alone; read her paper HERE!

Janelle is now working on a project looking at the differences in energetic costs of men and women while they walk up hills.

Janelle and Kelsey Kjosness at the AAPA Meetings, April 2012


Kevin Tewell

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Kevin’s work revolved around testing ideas of sexual selection and the relationship between mate choice and offspring viability. He is currently doing graduate work at Western Kentucky.

June 22, 2011


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Students work on a variety of projects in my lab, usually relating to mobility strategies of humans, the energetics and mechanics of human bipedal locomotion, or general principles of evolutionary mechanisms.

Michael Willcockson

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Michael’s research focused on the importance of entrainment in human running. Michael tested the hypothesis that breathing rate and footfall patterns during running may be correlated, and may in fact drive important features of the metabolic cost of running.  Michael is currently attending medical school and running his own business.

Michael’s paper from his research was recently published in MSSE.

Kelsey Kjosness

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Llamas on Trees

Kelsey has worked on a number of projects looking at influences of human metabolism. Topics she has investigated include the interactions between stress and metabolism, the interactions between thermoregulation and walking, and the importance of sexual dimorphism in heat dumping. She earned her PhD from Penn State focusing on the evolutionary development of the hominid wrist.  She now is a post-doc at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine working with Phil Reno.

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