Dr Cara Wall-Scheffler

About My Research

I have my PhD in Biological Anthropology and currently work in the department of Biology at Seattle Pacific University.  My main research interest focuses around evolutionary tradeoffs throughout the human lineage. I am especially interested in the tradeoffs inherent in the mobility strategies of extinct and extant populations, and how populations balance access to resources, thermoregulation and reproduction.  I am particularly focused on the role of sexual dimorphism and sex differences in physiology as they relate to differences in male and female resource acquisition strategies. To better understand tradeoff strategies, I integrate biomechanics, locomotor energetics, telemetry physiology, paleontology, archaeozoology and behavioral ecology. My students currently are involved in projects in all of these areas.

If you are interested in reading about men and women walking together, please click HERE


Some selected papers:

Female Carrying

Female Evolution

Walking & Running

Optimal Running

Optimal Running 2

Baby Carrying

If you are interested in submitting an abstract to the AAPA Undergraduate Symposium, please note that we now have an application process. More information will be released by the AAPA in the next few months, but please note the next deadline for the entire application will be February 1, 2017.

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